How to Make DIY Herbal Wreaths for your Home

My family and I just came back from a vacation in Denmark.
This year I wanted to bring summer memories back home in a more material form than just pictures. I decided to make decorative summer wreaths out of herbs and greenery that was the part of the scenery. The plan was to bring them back home and keep as a part of home decor.DSC_0435


These fluffy flowers just stole my heart. So soft, subtle and tender! So, I decided to feature them in my project.


Here is how I made my summer wreaths.

I used the base that I took along from home (good thing we were driving!). The base can also be self-made with some soft branches tied together in a circle. I, however, find it easier to use the ones I purchased.


I picked out the branches I wanted to use, mixing and distributing them evenly.  I used a soft wire to secure them safely in place.


The process was really easy and somewhat meditative. When all the branches were attached to the base I went an extra row with the wire to make sure everything sat well and nothing was sticking out too much.


Didn’t they turn out pretty?!


To prevent shedding (imagine house full of fluff from those guys!) I gave them a good spray with a hair spray when we got home. Now they have almost dried and everything is still one piece. No fluff (on condition no-one touches them too much).




Vast variety of branches and flowers can be used for a project like this. However, I would be careful with very soft leaves. No amount of hair spray would hold something that cannot hold itself at all. Hair spray only gives support and seals it all together.

Happy making! 🙂

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