How to start Dressing Your Truth and my experience as a Type 2 woman

When I wrote my last post I had no idea where it would actually bring me. I was dissatisfied with my wardrobe. I didn’t like how it felt wearing my clothes but didn’t know why. Something needed to be done. 

What women tend to do when it feels like that is to hit the shopping mall and buy even more clothes. I didn’t want to go that way. To begin with, I was planning to build a capsule wardrobe aka the collection of a few interchangeable essential items that make it easy to create different outfits.

I’m glad I didn’t begin there.

At least not before a sweet reader introduced me to Carol Tuttle’s Dressing Your Truth (thank you! 🙂 ) What I’ve learned from her has not only been wardrobe changing but life changing!


Carol teaches how to use clothes not simply to dress up your body but also as a tool to dress up your PERSONALITY. Doesn’t it sound amazing?! According to her, all people can be divided into 4 types based on how the energy is moving inside them. Types 1 and 3 are extroverts, their energy is moving up and out, towards people. Types 2 and 4 are introverts and their energy is inner centered.

Based on that, if clothing, hairstyle, makeup and accessories are reflecting this energy movement the person looks stunning, feels at home inside own body and generally feels like a harmonious being. Basically, we all should be dressing up the energy movement inside ourselves and we will look great.

Bilderesultat for Dressing Your Truth Color Charts

As it is seen from the picture, each type is characterized by different personality strengths. Therefore, the colors and shapes that would best reflect that personality are very different.

The person will look unattractive, dull and weird wearing colors from a wrong type. But dressing according to own beauty type can turn the same woman (and a man 🙂 ) into a star. Check out this video where Carol illustrates this point.


My Dressing Your Truth experience

I classified myself as Type 2 energy with a secondary Type 1 (find out your type here). That is an introvert with a soft subtle beauty. My features are soft and blended, I am good at seeing details, and I need my alone time. At the same time, my secondary Type 1 describes a bright and animated extrovert which I am but only in certain contexts with the people I know. I am also spontaneous and open to new ideas, creative and fun which are Type 1 qualities.

I spent the next 2 weeks soaking in the materials on her website (their course is the best way to learn how to Dress Your Truth) and I think I got it! I got a vision of who I am and the personal style that best reflects who I am.

Here is me before and after 🙂 I wear navy on both pictures, but the navy on the left is a rich color which would look great on a Type 3 person. It’s killing my beauty. The navy on the right is soft and smoky as advised for type 2 and I feel sooo much better in it!
I also did a bit of a hair makeover as advised for my beauty type.

It’s crazy how different I feel on those pictures. I remember being very annoyed looking at myself when I took the picture on the left. Like “What the heck is wrong with me?!” Whereas I feel complete and in peace with myself on the after picture.

To further illustrate the point I picked out the same color, but the one on the left is advised for Type 1 beauty, whereas the one on the right is suitable for my Type 2.

What do you think?

Even though the change might not be striking, I feel that the color on the left is steeling the attention leaving me in the shade. You see the sweater! Whereas the one on the right brings out me as a person. I feel like I am in harmony with who I am when I wear it.

Apart from the color, there are four more aspects important in Dressing Your Truth: design line, texture, fabrication and pattern. The key words that should be incorporated into those aspects (for a Type 2 person) are flowing, relaxed, blended, soft, subtle, muted. If one of those is not right for your beauty type, you won’t look and feel great in what you wear.

Also, the combination of the aspects of person’s dominant and secondary energy will create the unique style that fits exactly for this given person.

In my case, many of my clothes were missing one or a few aspects. That was either the right color but wrong design line, or the right pattern but the wrong color, etc.

I collected a big pile of clothes that needed attention and took my time to either re-sew and adjust or to fade off the color. I also gave away a few items. I am still in the process but I have the vision now of what to do with them!

The psychological aspect of Wearing Your Truth

Another thing that came out for me was a psychological aspect. I realized that deep inside I wasn’t letting myself to dress right for my nature, at least not completely. Type 2 looks good in soft and faded colors, floral prints, lace and soft flowing fabrications. But even though I was drawn to them, I wasn’t letting myself to fully enjoy them. Part of that has to do with the fact that I had vibrant and bright Type 1 role models in my childhood, that made me believe that “faded” colors were a big no-no. Well, for them, but not for me! 🙂 So I was tearing apart inside trying to match what’s “right” and “should” be worn by a beautiful woman and what I actually liked.


Another realization is that I didn’t let myself wear flowers and glitter (that fit my 2/1 so well) because I was afraid that people wouldn’t take me seriously, like I am a 3-year-old or something. But as I learned now, it is really the opposite! On a right person even glitter and flowers do create the feeling of “seriousness” and something worthy of respect.

As for now, I am still in the process. A very exciting process of letting myself being who I am and creating the wardrobe that reflects that.

But what about you? Have I convinced you yet to at least take a look at Dressing Your Truth? 😉

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3 thoughts on “How to start Dressing Your Truth and my experience as a Type 2 woman

  1. This is just fascinating! I didn’t know anything about dressing for your type prior to reading this, but you made me really interested! Thanks. 🌷


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