From display to storage. A simple cupboard makeover

Please meet my good old friend – the Cupboard.


We used to live together at our previouse home and he was a great storage/ display for my ironstone. But we moved and he jsut didn’t fit anymore. I didn’t need a display cupboard anymore and I thought that was the time to say good-bye. We almost sold it. But it’s not nice to get rid of good old friends, you know. And I still liked him A LOT.

Suddenly I just knew what I was going to do to him!

DSC_0131 – Kopi

He needed a face lift!

Look how a quick decoupage makeover transformed my Cupboard!

DSC_0131 k (15)

What I did was to mod podge (= glue) some linen fabric I had right on top of the glass. I also put a few layers of mod podge on top of the fabric until it formed a firm and steady surface.

Now the Cupboard can handle some privacy and I love that it’s practical as well as beautiful.

I think it’s genius to use decoupage on glass cupboard windows if you need to turn the “display” function of the piece to the “hide” function. I did the same on one of my kitchen cupboards.

DSC_0127 k (9) kopi

Way too often we tend to get rid of things that somehow don’t fit anymore. Well, I like how it feels to give things a second chance. And The Cupboard is happy to continue living with us too 🙂


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