Makeover of two antique French-style chairs

It’s been over a year since my last post! I took a break to grow and refocus and… to have a baby! Little Erika  is now 8 months old and I feel ready to continue.

Or, it’s better to say to start over again. I don’t want this blog to be just about psychology any more. Instead, I want to broaden the focus and make it more of a reflection of my life, which at the moment is all about making a home – all my endless creative DIY projects, cooking, sewing, and of course relationships 🙂 Will see, if I am able to inspire anyone out there – mission accomplished.

I don’t know how come, but until now I have never felt like sharing my creative projects with general public, even though over the past five (!) years or so it’s been my passion and a big part of my life.

So today will share with you my recent furniture upgrading project. Since we moved into our new home I have developed love for upgrading old antique furniture. It feels amazing to find a piece that has some history behind it and to give it a new life and a different charm so that it looks new and “modern” again.

So here are two old chairs I found at second-hand market


I started the hard way. I sanded them removing all the glossy finish and most of the brown color. I also changed the upholstery and added an extra layer of batting under (for the sake of a happier sitting experience :)) Until it looked like the one on the left

I gave them a light wash with chalk paint (mixing paint and water). Even though original plan was to make both of them light I think it looked great unpainted as well. But I stuck to the plan 🙂


and here is how they turned out

DSC_0180 3

I like that they look both elegant and solid. As well as both old and modern.

DSC_0177 1

I think I like them even better separately. One chair on its own looks great to add a focal point in the room. But it’s a matter of preference.


These chairs will be for sale (in Oslo area) as there is no more space for more furniture in my home.

At this point I am bugging off the itchy thoughts of giving those chairs one more layer of paint. What do you think? Do you like them?

An update: I ended up giving them another coat. The previous look just didn’t sit well with me. Here is the updated and final version 🙂

DSC_0243 new

DSC_0237 new

DSC_0236 new


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