Life as a gift. One personal story

37HThis story happened exactly two years ago on the 15th of December 2013. That was the last evening of my pregnancy with Emma, our second daughter. I was overdue, big and heavy and looking forward to giving birth like anything.

To shorten the waiting time somehow I begged my husband to take the heavy me for a walk (right, just like a dog) and we went. Who would ever thought that this walk could have been the last in our lives…

It was a cold winter evening in Oslo and as we left the house we had no idea that only some parts of town happened to be really icy and slippery, strangely enough not all of them. As we walked back happily giggling and talking we suddenly heard a crashing sound. «Bang» – a car crashed into another one parked along the pedestrian walk. I don’t know what you felt if you have ever happened to witness an accident. As for me it felt scary, exciting and responsible. Just as if I was a part of a movie where I can do something to help out and make a difference.

As we rushed closer to see what happened and if anyone needed help another car that drove by lost control and crashed just like that. «What?! Did we just witness two accidents??? Are they all drunk?! Or what is happening?! » – we couldn’t understand how slippery that part of the road was as the pavement we were walking on just a few meters from the accident was perfectly fine.

We didn’t understand it until we started crossing the road ourselves. The heavy me barely could walk, it was a skating rink and really skates would be appropriate there. As we finally reached the pedestrian walk on the other side of the street walking towards our house suddenly my blessed husband screams «watch out!!!» and literally grabs me, pulls me, drags me to the side away from a pedestrian walk to the grass. Two seconds later another car that lost control «flyes» into the pavement and drives exactly where we were supposed to be walking….

Happy end…

Or, to put it better, happily it wasn’t the end… It was a beginning for us in our family. The next morning I went into labor and very soon our Emma was born. Interestingly enough this little girl was «born in a shirt» – a sign that in many cultures is considered to be the sign of extra luck and protection. This is when the water doesn’t break until the baby is out so that she is still «wearing» the bubble she was in.

It’s crazy to think that all of this could have happened differently. That we could have been dead or injured, or who knows what. But instead I got to live and experience this life, be the wife and a mother. I got another chance to live, learn and grow.

Have you ever experienced moments when a few minutes make a difference that can cost you life? Have you ever been close to death but happened to survive? Or maybe you have never been close to death? It doesn’t matter because in any case your life is a gift! photo-1445090909078-0217954421ec

How often do we simply live and take the life for granted? We somehow think that this is how it should be and sure everyone will die, but not me. Somehow I will always be young and healthy and live happily ever after. But when something like death happens in our life it feels outragingly wrong, like a mistake, something that just CAN NOT happen in my life…

We will all die. No one knows when though; often it’s when you least expect it. So how about living today and taking each day as a gift? Each year as a wonder? How about being grateful to God for everything we have a chance to experience? Because it is beautiful to live. Life IS a gift!


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